Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FEVER DREAM - the musical - Central Coast Premiere

Ryan (Large Squid Moose) Mattick the Martin Scorsese of the bodyboarding world.. and all round nice guy to many a squid, is Premiering his new flick at the Entrance Cinemas on sunday 31st of January at 830pm
Make sure you check it out!!! it is insaneo...

FEVER DREAM the musical from FLAMES YATES on Vimeo.

The Weeks of Doom!!

Started with Big Dav and the Mount Doom incident,
Then went to constant fields of relentless muddy Bog of Doom that swallows your feet whole whilst stomping across to get to the sea,
Down at the sliding ledge of Doom, which by the way is some of the worst slippery Rocks I have ever slid foot across (even worse then the vegemite rocks at the neck) takes me about 20 mins to walk about 10 mtrs.. but then again, I am hopeless,
Not far of is the Foam of Doom which Mickey and myself thought would be fun to dive in and play around In with the camera at 50fps not knowing that it totally engulfs you throwing you into a drowning state of panic,
Last but not least The Fog of doom which almost had the boys and myself lost at sea due to not being able to see 10 mtrs in front of the ski, looking for waves on what should have been the day of days...
throw into the mix learning to drive and shoot on a jet ski in a 15ft plus lineup at Aileens,
then having the ski cut out whilst attempting tracking shots on the inside today miles out to sea in the middle of the atlantic with 10ft bombs barring down on us..
Its been an amazing and funny couple of weeks... can't wait for the rest of the season!!! woooohoooop

I pictured a Rainbow, you held it in your hands!!

Because I'm in Ireland... although half the band are Scottish!!
amazing tune none the less...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Australia Day Friends!!!

I awoke to a Cuppa tea in bed and a pressie from Mick and Riv hehe.. It was ace!! Thankss guys !!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Where The Wild Things Are !!! animation...

Grug and Dr Snuggles

So Friickern coool...

Sun Showers and Doorways..

"At dusk I walked. I felt like a speck on the surface on the sad red earth"
on the road..

Saturday, January 16, 2010


after 4 and half hours of freaking out that Mickey may of had an accident on his way to get me from the airport, (check out the full story at Mickey's blog...) I arrived to day one on the emerald Isle and the deep freeeze.. not a bad way to start.. bring on the rest of winter!!!


Whilst I was stomping about London.. I was staying with my cousin Sarah.. who is over on prac at one of the hospitals with her friend Gemma, They are in a little town called Crowthorne, which is an absolute treat for the eyes.. so quaint, despite the hospital housing some of the worlds most notorious criminals inside its walls.. The girls had been bussing about europe for a month prior.. here are a few of there pics.. cheeerrss for lettting us crassh sarr!!