Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No thank you, I do not want it

coffee, Italian breakfast cafes, below par accommodation, Beer, pubs,lost Iphone, nightclubs, ordering of food mis hap, beer, football, Twigglets, Wispa bars, premature bus stops, beer,dodgey night walks, gay bars, meet ups, markets, chips and cheese, bombay mix, beer, pims jugs, long island ice tea jugs, pasty's,beer, tube rides,long sunny days, vegie crisps, nights with out dinner, found Iphone, park picnics, pear cider, beer, tequila shots and lots and lots of kilometres by foot.. all and all Jarrod's few days were quite eventful.. cant wait for his return so we can do it all again!!
Here is some shots from his last day stomping about Londonia..
nice one brother!!! enjoi your days in Portugal...