Sunday, December 6, 2009

From Shadows premiere

Astray films "From Shadows" is premiering alongside Relentless "Lives of the Artists" in Penzance...

Just wrapped up the edit for From Shadows this how Mickey put the film

"FROM SHADOWS is the bastard son of two long hectic Winters filming here in Ireland.

While its all well and good making documentaries and getting the ol grey matter inspired, we thought to ourselves, lets make a film that properly gets your blood boiling for a surf in the depths of the dark months.

Somethin you can throw on to psyche up for a mega Winter session, or to motivate yourself to get out and get into that frozen wetty for a session on an unfreindly day.

This is the first production from our collective alliance, Astray Films.

One full blast, simple, rockin rollercoaster ride through some of the heaviest waveriding Ireland has yet seen.

Available for pre order exclusively through Magic Seaweed, ready for general release mid December."